Commercial and Site Toilet Hire From Cornwall Conveniences

Long term commercial toilet hire means as much to us as our luxury range. Units are serviced regulary, re stocked and cleaned to the highest standard.

Long-Term Portable Toilet Rentals
For rentals of 1 week or more, our cold-wash, hot-wash and mains-connected units provide a cost-effective solution.

Cold-Wash Portable Loos
Popular at construction sites, golf courses or any site where sanitation facilities are required to comply with Health & Safety Regulations, all units are equipped with:

  • WC (recirculating flush tank system)
  • Hand basin or Hand sanitsers
  • Loo rolls and a soap dispenser.
  • Units are fully serviced (cleaning and waste removal) on a weekly basis, with all consumables including fresh water, loo rolls, soap and chemicals replenished.

We supply toilets for long term hire throughout Cornwall and the Southwest to building and construction sites, rural car parks, sports fields, holiday parks and golf courses.

CCP50 Portable Site Toilet

Cornwall Conveniences Portable Toilet range is ideal for building sites or locations where quality is required, but a luxury trailer is felt to be unnecessary. These high quality self-contained loos provide excellent value for money and are fully equipped with; WC (recirculating flush tank system), cold water hand basin, hand sanitisers, loo rolls, soap dispenser and mirrors.

Dimensions: 1.2m (w) x 1.2m (d) x 2.3m (h)
Capacity: Up to 50 people (depending on usage and duration)
Please note that portable loos must be positioned on firm level ground, within easy reach of our vehicle.

CC500 Ground Mounted Unit

The CC500 ground mounted portable toilet unit is designed to cater for large numbers. One side of the trailer consists of four individual locking ladies cubicles with toilet paper, sanitary bags and bins provided. On the gentlemen's side the unit has four urinals, two individual locking toilet cubicles with toilet paper and sanitary bins provided. Both sides include a vanity area, large mirrors, ceramic sinks, running water, hand soap and soft hand paper towels.

These units are ground mounted which means that they are easy to house in temporary buildings or outside.

CC800 Ground Mounted Unit

The CC800 ground mounted portable toilet unit is capable of handling very large numbers. The unit consists of 10 spacius individual unisex cubicles. Each cubicle has it's own mirror, sink, hand soap and paper towels. Sanitary bags and bins are also provided.

Just like the CC500, the CC800 unit is also ground mounted, which means it's perfect to build in to temporary buildings or site outside.